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Keystone will secure your business with encrypted network protection and reliable managed servers. We will also protect your network equipment and your most valuable assets and data.

Business Security

Your company’s sensitive data is at risk to the most advanced malware deviants and fraudulent e-mail hoaxes each day. Keystone Technologies can help your business efficiently combat these sophisticated attacks on your network.  

There is an increasing number of regulatory requirements obliging companies to secure the digital safety and integrity of their customers’ personal details and financial data. Your business cannot risk having anything but a highly secure archival database. Our services will improve your business security. 

We offer comprehensive outsourced IT security services to businesses across the London region. We provide remote monitoring of your network as well as simple easy to use software that runs in the background, so it will never interrupt your day-to-day operations. We will provide daily, weekly, monthly or exception-based reporting depending on your company’s security needs.

Our Business Security Measures Include:
On-Site Consulting

Our business security services begin with an assessment of your risks, requirements for security and the development of security policies and processes. We can also help you install security product integrations and provide on-site mitigation support after an intrusion has occurred.

Perimeter Network Management

We will remotely monitor and manage your firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and/or intrusion detection hardware and software. Our management includes providing you with intrusion alerts and keeping your network up to date with new defences. You will receive regular reporting on intrusion attempts and activity.

Hardware and Software

We provide your businesses with the hardware and software you need to run for a variety of security-related tasks, such as protecting and archiving your customer data.

Managed Security Monitoring

This is the day-to-day monitoring and interpretation of important system events throughout the network—including unauthorized behaviour, malicious hacks, denial of service (DoS), anomalies, and trend analysis. It is the first step in an incident response process.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

This includes one-time or periodic software scans or hacking attempts to find vulnerabilities in a technical and logical perimeter. It generally does not assess security throughout the network, nor does it accurately reflect personnel-related exposures due to disgruntled employees, social engineering, etc. Regular reports are given to the client.

Compliance Monitoring

This includes monitoring event logs, not for intrusions, but change management. This service will identify changes to a system that violates a formal security policy for example if a rogue administrator grants himself or herself too much access to a system. It measures compliance to a technical risk mode.

Let Keystone Technologies Secure Your Network

Our services will improve your business security. We will keep your data secure by proactively managing your network to alert you of vulnerabilities before they damage your data and information. Contact our IT professionals to get started today. Call us at 519-451-1793.

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