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If you’re having a challenge in your IT environment, Keystone Technologies can give you a hand. We excel in providing pro-active Managed Services in the London, Sarnia and surrounding areas here in Ontario. Pro-active services means that we will monitor your infrastructure and alert you to problems – before they become “problems.” Having a completely re-active IT environment means that your IT staff are constantly putting out fires.

Change your business’s process flow from a reactive IT house to a pro-active one by interfacing with Keystone Technologies.

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I want to prevent tech-aches before they happen and have all my technology costs covered under one predictable fee.

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If something isn’t working right and you require immediate attention, we can provide service remotely.

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I want to know more about Ransomware

Ransomware is a virus that can arrive attached to e-mail, or infect the system via other means. We have published a document for our clients that talks about prevention. Once infected, backups are generally unrecoverable unless you have a good off-site backup.

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