Hybrid Cloud: Is It Right For Your Business?

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud solution can offer several benefits for your business. We are seeing an increase in small to medium sized businesses adopting this technology to increase efficiency and cut costs. It is a great solution for modern businesses that have unique needs that don’t fit a one-size-fits-all approach. 

What Is The Hybrid Cloud?

There are three forms of cloud storage which includes private, public and hybrid. A public cloud is owned by a third-party provider. Most businesses choose a public cloud to reduce the costs of maintaining and updating the system. However, this solution can also be less secure and the response time for issues may be longer.  

A private cloud is dedicated to the business that uses it. A business with a private cloud owns it and takes responsibility for maintaining the system. While this is a more secure option it is more expensive as it usually requires an entire IT department to oversee the maintenance.  

A hybrid cloud solution is a combination of both the public and private cloud storage. For example, a business may store information in their private cloud but extend it to the public cloud to meet external resources.  

Existing Technology Can Become More Efficient

A private form of the cloud can allow a business continue to use their existing technology. Hybrid cloud technology can make adjustments to the current technology which better suits the needs of the business. By incorporating the public form of the cloud, businesses can have access to more resources. It also offers a more cost-efficient way of using the technology. Businesses have the option of moving applications over to the public cloud when extra capacity is needed.  

The Hybrid Cloud Offers Cost-Efficiency 

Most public clouds are a pay-as-you-go service rather than a costly upfront investment. Usually, there is a monthly contract between a business and a third-party provider. This helps to reduce costs for the businesses using the cloud technology since the third-party provider can operate this technology at a lower cost than a business using a private cloud. Most hybrid models are offered through the same payment method as the public cloud and you can pay extra for only the things you need to be kept in the private cloud. 

The Hybrid Cloud Is A Secure Solution 

The hybrid cloud offers more security than a public cloud without the extra cost of a private cloud. By using a hybrid cloud, you can ensure your business is running efficiently. Businesses who choose a hybrid model may keep the majority of their information stored in the public cloud and use a private cloud to store more sensitive data. An example of this could be a company using a public cloud to interact with customers, but using a private cloud to store their information securely.  

A hybrid cloud allows you to have access to more resources at a lower cost while still maintaining the best possible security. Overall, a hybrid cloud solution offers better management, customization, efficiency and security of your cloud without the added cost of a fully private cloud.  

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