9 Technology Problems That Are Affecting Your Productivity

Technology Problems

Technology is a great tool that has helped society become more productive and communicate more efficiently. However, so many of us still spend a large part of our days fighting with technology and trying to fix it. Whether we don’t know how to properly use it or something is broken, it makes us less productive. These are the top technology problems that hinder our productivity in the workplace. 

Data Loss

Data loss is one of the most common technology problems that affects employee productivity. If data is lost, employees have to spend time trying to retrieve it. If data can’t be retrieved at all, they have to regather it and start over. It creates a huge productivity pit stop when employees are constantly starting over tasks or projects because a file wasn’t backed up properly. 

Computers and devices shut off unexpectedly, power goes out, employees make mistakes, files get deleted by accident or not saved at all. All of these situations cause data loss and you should have a solution to prevent these from happening.

Files and data should be saved in more than one place and regular backups should be performed. Cloud software can help backup data so it is not lost during an outage or an unexpected shutdown. Cloud software often has an autosave function, so data won’t be lost even if an employee forgets to manually save it. 

Employees Can’t Access Documents 

Sometimes employees don’t know where a document was saved or they simply don’t understand how to properly access the software used by their employer. If an IT company helped set up the computers and software, they should be able to assist employees who are unable to access documents. Your IT company should make sure supervisors and managers are knowledgeable enough to train their employees to use technology in the office.

Evaluate your technology regularly and ensure it is increasing productivity rather than decreasing it. If many employees are struggling to use a certain type of software which is leading to technology problems, your IT company should be able to find you a better solution. 

Frozen Computers 

Frozen computers are often caused by faulty or outdated software. Additionally, if too many programs are open at once, it takes a lot for the computer to stay running causing it to freeze. Make sure that your computers are updated and working properly to prevent employees from getting disrupted. 

Slow Computers  

Employees cannot afford to work on slow computers when they need their computers for the majority of their tasks. They can end up spending just as much time waiting for their computer to load programs as they do on their actual tasks. Computers might have picked up malware which causes them to slow down.

Set up preventative security measures on computers and have them periodically scanned for any signs of malware. This will ensure computers are running efficiently and help you avoid technology problems.  

Slow Internet 

When so much of your company relies on the internet, you can’t afford for it to be slowing down your employees. Having a secure internet connection and firewall protection can help prevent spyware viruses which are common reasons for a slow internet connection. You should also ensure that the hardware and software that controls your internet connection is working properly.  

Broken Printers and Photocopiers 

You should be prepared with the contact information of a reliable IT service provider if a printer or photocopier is broken. Don’t just wait until your printer breaks before you get in contact with an IT company. Hire a company you can regularly rely on to troubleshoot broken technology in a timely manner. 

Email Spam 

If you don’t have a filter on your email system, inboxes can fill up very fast with spam. It takes longer for employees to check and respond to emails when their inbox is filled with spam. They have to scan their inbox for the emails that are important and manually delete ones that a filter would have caught. Sometimes an employee may be left debating whether an email is from a trusted source or if it is malicious. Make sure a filter is set up on the email system so employees can save time checking their inboxes.

Passwords Need To Be Reset 

For security reasons, many businesses require an employee to go to an administrator to reset their password. Your IT company should make this process as easy and convenient as possible. Make sure it is clearly posted who employees should contact to reset their password.

Waiting For Technology To Get Serviced

There is always a chance that technology is going to break and will need to be serviced. Downtime should be minimized to avoid long disruptions to business operations. Make sure you communicate with your IT company and understand how long the process will generally take for different technology problems.  

Ready for more productive employees? 

If your business is running into these problems on a daily basis, it is time to outsource your IT solutions. Make sure your next IT company can help address all of the issues that affect employee productivity.