How To Balance IT Security And Employee Productivity

IT security

IT security is important for a company to be successful and profitable. However, it may feel that with a number of security processes in place that it inhibits employee productivity. Security and productivity are equally important to a company’s success. These two components don’t have to be competing priorities. When you can find the balance between security and productivity, you can guarantee a successful workplace. 

Educate Employees

You can prevent extensive IT security processes by educating employees about the importance of security measures. If security measures cause additional work, employees don’t see a perceived benefit in that additional work. You need to prevent the vicious cycle of employees favouring non-compliance behaviour, which can cause threats and lead to additional security processes. 

Cultivate a good employee culture that favours security and trustworthiness. Create a hiring process that ensures you are recruiting trustworthy employees. This would include things like contacting professional references of potential employees. Create an environment where people feel comfortable to speak up about unethical behaviour regarding file and data access. If you can create a culture that values the importance of IT security, you can minimize internal threats and reduce lengthy security processes. 

Create And Manage A Shared Network

If a shared network is implemented correctly, it can increase employee productivity. Decide what your company needs to protect, who you are protecting it from, and the likelihood of a threat. Implement IT security measures based on your answers to these types of questions. 

You can add extensive security measures only where needed. This prevents redundant security measures that interfere with productivity. Additionally, sharing files over a network drive can be more efficient than sharing files over email, therefore increasing productivity and security simultaneously.  

Ensure Devices Are Working Correctly

If devices connected to the secure network are not running properly, employees may be tempted to transfer a document they are working on outside of the network. Ensure you resolve any problems with devices that are connected to your network to avoid the temptation of sending a document to a faster personal device. It is worthwhile to periodically check to see if devices are working correctly to maintain both the security and productivity of your workplace. 

Allow Extra Time For Employees To Perform Security-Related Tasks 

If you implement new security processes, you need to allow time for your employees to complete these processes in their day-to-day tasks. If you expect employees to get the same amount of work completed as they did before the measures were put into place, you could cause them to become discouraged. Employees are more likely to comply with your security policies if their supervisors are realistic that it takes time away from other tasks. 

Automate Tasks When Possible

Use technology to your advantage by finding tools that automate work to increase employee productivity. A password manager improves both security and productivity. It allows you to create effective passwords for multiple accounts while also making it easier on employees since they don’t have to memorize as many passwords.  

Project management tools are beneficial as well. You can create groups and files within these tools so only the employees working on a specific project can have access to such information. You can also research options for automating file sharing and data backup. Automate wherever you can with online tools and technology. The more you streamline productivity, the more time you can afford to spend on security processes. 

Understand That IT Security Can Improve Productivity 

It is important to understand that some security features can increase the productivity of employees, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Having a process and policy that recommends backing up files and having them saved in more than one place can protect potentially lost work that an employee would have to start over if it were deleted or lost. When you create effective policies, employees have access to files that they need in a timely and effective manner. 

Your IT company should implement effective security measures while minimizing the effect on productivity. Keystone Technologies will work with you to understand the level of IT security that is appropriate for your business. Contact us today to get started.