How Technology Can Improve Your Customer Service

Customer Service

There’s no denying that customer service is an integral part of any business. Yet, companies from small mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500’s bemoan the need for a service department at all.

The fact is, your customer service team acts as the voice for both your business and your customers. Besides answering general inquiries, they have a unique 360-degree viewpoint of your organization and what your customers need.

With the right tools to log communications, they can provide reports and advice on areas where small changes to your service and offerings could make massive shifts in customer satisfaction. Any forward-thinking company will align their sales and service teams with one common goal. Retention.

In the “Second Annual State of Service” report by Salesforce, 69 per cent of Canadian service professionals surveyed said they actively provide sales teams with intelligence on customer issues and needs. Additionally, 68 percent stated that they share common goals and metrics with marketing, and 70 percent said their organization’s marketing and service teams are empowered to collaborate.

So where does technology come in?

Technology can provide all your departments with the ability to work together with the same data and gives customers what they need when they want it. Not the outdated “customer is always right” mantra, but rather, easy, hassle-free methods in which to do business with your organization. That starts by implementing new ways in which customers can reach you and find the information they need on your website.

Five ways technology can improve your customer service operations.

1. Data management, analytics and predictive intelligence. 

Cloud-based customer relationship managements (CRM) systems allow you to collect data from customers in real-time to analyze their preferences and predict their future needs.

2. Insight-driven marketing. 

A CRM will help you gain insight on the best ways to market to your customers by allowing you to follow their path to your website and purchasing habits once there. This customer data can be used to help you more effectively target your marketing efforts.

3. Social media automation. 

Social media is a way to communicate with your customers on all levels of from customer service to public relations, and from marketing to sales. It is also a way to “humanize” your business and connect with customers outside regular operating hours. You can integrate social media management software into your CRM system to help streamline and automate updates, helping you improve efficiency and keep costs low.

4. Self-service optimization. 

Finding ways for customers to interact with your business when they want and how they want is critical. CRM systems can work seamlessly with your live chat operations and your FAQ database to help customers get the answers they need quickly and efficiently.

5. Workforce effectiveness. CRM systems empower your customer service staff with new ways of improving the customer experience. All they need are the tools, training and encouragement to deliver it.

Need help implementing a new technology?

Installing new systems can be a daunting, yet worthwhile task. If you would like help seamlessly integrating new CRM technologies into your current service offerings, contact Keystone Technologies. We are here to help and can even help you choose the best CRM tools for your business goals. Give us a call at 519-451-1793 to book a consultation today!